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August 19-20, 2017

舞蹈家邵俊婷,表演作品之一《爱莲说》多次比赛中获得金奖,家喻户晓。在《爱莲说》的动作语汇中,那种拧、倾、圆、曲、三道弯、S线,看似妖娆,但却表现出莲花高洁的一种形象,出淤泥而不染。 形神兼备的艺术、刚柔相济的艺术等风格特点,而且还突出了古典舞的清幽、淡雅的风格。她在教学的过程中,会用最直接的形体动作去教学生,言传身教,注重表演元素,舞蹈用肢体配合心灵的舞动,才能达到一种高度。

Registration Deadline:  Friday June 30, 2017
Limit: 50 Students
Cost: $160 per day
Location: Newton, MA

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Summer Camp
Bright Pearl
Dance & Art Festival

Sunday, June 18, 2017
Newton North High School Theater
457 Walnut St., Newton, MA 02460

Dance Festival: 6:30pm
Art Exhibition: 5:30pm

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Bright Pearl Dance Academy was established in 2009. 

The Academy offers an inclusive, multi-generational approach to Chinese Mandarin, dance, and fine arts education. The teachers at Bright Pearl are passionate about education and strive every day to impart an excitement about learning to our students. Our parents are invested in their children’s success and we actively partner with them to realize each child’s full potential.
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